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Drawing from his real life experience as a world-class manufacturer, award-winning retailer and business coach, Donald has helped thousands of businesses throughout the world to add more real value to their customers’ livesand more dollars to their bottom line!

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03May 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 90 seconds) Every industry and every market, including yours, is over-served and under-differentiated.  There are too many other people selling what you’re selling…and that’s your biggest problem.  To differentiate yourself you need a compelling value story…and then you need to tell that story in a way that engages […]

18Apr 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 90 seconds) When coaching clients on creating a ‘winning culture’ that will attract, challenge, engage and retain top-performers, we use the following check-list to document a clear and specific description of what that culture would look like. Sit down with some of the best minds and hearts […]

12Apr 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 40 seconds) Whatever business you’re in, your customers are confused, stressed and running out of time.  Trust me.  They need clarity and they need help to wisely choose and effectively use what you sell.  They need you to be their ‘Caring Coach’.  To do this you need […]

12Apr 2017

(Time to read this Blog article about 30 seconds) Everything we do communicates whether we’re up-to-date or behind-the-times.  While checking out a client’s website this week, under the “Events’ tab I found listed 3 events from 2014, 2 from 2015…and nothing since.  What this communicates is that nothing exciting has happened in this business for […]


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