Our team...and how to reach us:

Don't you hate websites that make it almost impossible to find and contact the person you're looking for? So, here's who we are and how to reach us, simply stated.

"The Management Guy"

Note: Because Donald is on stage or "on the road" about 200 days a year, it's often easier to reach the wonderful Sharen lady to my right....

• Phone: 1-416-252-3703

"Director of Marketing"

Note: Sharen has been on our team for over 15 years. She knows her stuff, she's kind and can be very helpful in organizing your event. Clients love her!

• Phone: 1-416-252-3704

"Database Mgmt. & Admin."

Note: Sandra has been on our team for over 10 years. She has a great attention to detail and keeps our database in tip-top shape.

• Phone: 1-416-252-3704

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