11 innovative ways that Donald Cooper can add incredible value to your next conference:

Clients often use Donald in multiple roles to take advantage of his extensive experience and commitment to deliver extraordinary outcomes.  Having Donald do 2 or more sessions and then add some of the other value-added possibilities listed below, can save you thousands of dollars on speaker fees and travel expenses…and will create a more exciting and congruent event. Here are Donald’s 11 value-added possibilities that Conference planners love:

  1. Multiple sessions on the same day, or over a two-day period. “Multiple sessions” can be two Keynotes, a Keynote plus Breakout Session or Keynote plus Implementation Workshop. All presentations will inform, challenge, entertain and inspire. Donald has no “canned” presentations.  Each session is researched, tailored and focused on you.
  2. Each attendee receives electronic access to Donald’s set of 36 ‘Business assessment and management implementation tools & templates.’ This is huge take-away value!

  3. Use Donald as a panel member, panel moderator or ‘no-holds-barred’ discussion

  4. Donald offers an excellent one to two-hour Team-Building / Communications Session that is insightful, effective, energizing and great fun.

  5. Have him judge a “Best Business Card” or “Best Trade Show Booth” competition with the added possibility of having a brief award presentation at lunch or dinner that includes a few brief but important teaching points from Donald and the announcement of the ‘winners’.

  6. Have Donald do a series of 30 minute, 1-on-1 Business Coaching Sessions with attendees, or have a special ‘Management Hot Seat’ session where Donald will answer any and all questions on any business topic, ‘no holds barred’. These sessions always receive rave reviews.

  7. Have Donald attend a special breakfast or lunch to honor your event sponsors. He can speak on how to become a more proactive and valued-added “business partner”, or deliver a presentation on how Cooper Sporting Goods grew to become the best in the world at what it did…and then disappeared. The title of this presentation is, “From Great to Gone”.

  8. Donald can help coach your ‘non-professional’ presenters during your on-site rehearsal.

  9. Offer Donald’s 1-day intensive, transformational Management Boot Camp for business owners and managers as a revenue-generating pre-Conference, “Super Session”.

  10. If your event includes a Trade Show, Donald is delighted to spend some time in the Booth of a company who sponsors his appearance at your event. Sponsors love this additional attention as it draws traffic to their booth.

  11. Clients often ask Donald to deliver a series of follow-up topic-specific Webinars to add even more value, encourage and facilitate implementation and create extraordinary outcomes.



Simply put, Donald makes sense. He delivers ‘good stuff’ that you can take away and do something with.

Beacon Lighting, Australia.

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