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22Jan 2020

(Time to read this article is about 2 minutes) Note:  I run this Blog each year in January.  It’s an important reminder for each of us.  This year you could have lunch alone, or skip lunch altogether.  But imagine what you could learn and accomplish if, just once or twice a week, you chose to […]

08Jan 2020

(Time to read this article is about 1 minute) A few years ago, walking through a shopping mall in Calgary, Alberta, I came across a beautiful flower shop.  Displayed outside the doorway, in the mall aisle, were mixed bunches of fresh flowers, nicely wrapped and ready to go.  A great idea to make that ‘impulse […]

18Dec 2019

Paying your staff a ‘bonus’ to coincide with the birth of a baby 2000+ years ago makes absolutely no sense at all. There…I said it! Jesus wasn’t even born on December 25th. Most scholars agree that he was born some time around March 21st. The Church cleverly chose December 25th to celebrate in order to […]

18Dec 2019

(Time to read this article is about 90 seconds) Note: When I first wrote this article a few years ago, we had such a wonderful response that it has become a December Newsletter tradition. Enjoy it for the first time…or enjoy it again. It’s a wonderful and important message for this, or any, time of […]

04Dec 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 60 seconds) Why does your business exist?  What is its purpose and whose interests does it serve?  In 1970, the respected American economist, Milton Friedman, stated, “The one and only social responsibility of business is to engage in activities designed to increase its profits.” In 1997, the […]


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