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19Sep 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 40 seconds) Back in my “Cooper Canada” days as a manufacturer, we had a lady working in our Accounts Receivable Department who was allowed to write her own paycheck, until we finally caught on. Her husband was an elevator repair mechanic who belonged to a Union that […]

06Sep 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 30 seconds) Customers are like spouses.  In some parts of the relationship they want us to be predictable, reliable and dependable.  But they also want the unexpected delightful little surprises that make being with us, or doing business with us, a joyful and interesting adventure.  They want […]

30Aug 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 40 seconds) Employee engagement is a hot topic these days…and it should be.  Here’s more evidence that low employee engagement is a huge business problem.  A recent survey by Emolument.com shows that 74% of US employees are bored.  Interestingly, the highest % of bored employees, at 81%, […]

23Aug 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 45 seconds) One of the biggest challenges in many businesses is the failure to manage cash flow effectively.  When you run out of cash, you run out of options.  Even big banks and entire nations fall into this trap.  In Greece, 46% of bank loans are currently […]

23Aug 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 60 seconds) One of the hot topics in business today is ‘analytics’, which simply means ‘the systematic analysis of data or statistics to predict customer behaviour, or to make better business decisions’.  Just mentioning ‘analytics’ around the water cooler these days will make you sound smart. I’ve […]


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