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26Jun 2019

(Time to read this article is about 90 seconds) Clients around the world keep telling me that running a business today is 10 times tougher than it used to be…and in many ways they’re right.  We all have more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity, shrinking margins, and the challenge of attracting and […]

19Jun 2019

(Time to read this article is about 60 seconds) Creativity and innovation are ‘hot topics’ right now, and I applaud that.  But, in the end, it’s boring, unsexy ‘process’ that actually gets things done.  Even ‘creativity’ is often a process.  Sometimes it’s just dumb luck or a sudden flash of brilliance…but, often, it’s a process. Most […]

19Jun 2019

In today’s hyper-competitive world, you have 4 clear competitive choices.  Pick one: Offer exclusive or extraordinary products, services or experiences that make it not all about price. Make it all about price and then develop the business model and world-class operating efficiency required to win the price war profitably. Offer quality products and / or […]

12Jun 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 90 seconds) I’m reminded of this important topic by the recent decision of the Toronto School Board to loosen their student dress code standards to allow tank tops, tube tops, bare midriffs, bare backs, pajamas and onesies to be worn to school.  Apparently, “letting it all hang […]

05Jun 2019

(Time to read this important Blog article is about 2.5 minutes) Note:  This Blog is especially important for business owners and family businesses.       Most business owners think of themselves as being in a particular industry or geographic market, good or bad, rather than thinking of themselves as investors who are currently invested in a particular […]

29May 2019

(Time to read this important Blog article is about 2 minutes) Employee engagement is one of the hottest topics in business today…and so it should be.  Extensive surveys by Gallup Research show that only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work, and a staggeringly low 13% worldwide are engaged.  Gallup’s research also shows that 70% of […]

22May 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 2.5 minutes) Reducing your operating expense by just 5% can grow your bottom line by 20% or more.  Trust me on this or check with your accountant.  If your accountant can’t explain this to you, get a new accountant.  Here are my 11 ideas to reduce your […]

15May 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 60 seconds) Most businesses create a new product, service or customer experience and then try to write some sort of advertising to promote and sell it.  Just for once, try my “back-assward” approach to creating amazing, customer-owning products, services or experiences. First, sit down and write an […]

08May 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 60 seconds) Whether you sell a product or a service, one of the most powerful marketing tools you can create is a compelling guarantee.  The right guarantee will do these 5 things for you. It will… Clearly differentiate you from your competitors, Make you memorable…and perhaps ‘famous’, […]

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