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02Oct 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 90 seconds) Every business talks about ‘marketing’, but most never really define it properly.  There are many debates and myths about what marketing is.  Some folks equate it to advertising, promotion and sales, but it’s much more than that.  Here’s my simple definition of ‘marketing’ that may […]

25Sep 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 90 seconds) A culture of ‘us and them’ is corrosive in any business.  Healthy, friendly and respectful competition between team members and departments can be an energizer and motivator …but ‘us and them’ is a killer.  I see it in many businesses that I work with and […]

11Sep 2019

(Time to read this Blog article is about 90 seconds) There’s much talk in business today about the importance of initial and on-going training, coaching and employee development…and so there should be.   You can’t grow your business without growing your people. To truly embrace a program of ongoing employee education and development, keep in […]

04Sep 2019

(Time to read this important Blog article is about 2 minutes) Employee engagement is one of the hottest topics in business today…and so it should be.  Extensive surveys by Gallup Research show that only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work, and a staggeringly low 13% worldwide are engaged.  Gallup’s research also shows that 70% of […]

28Aug 2019

(Time to read this insightful Blog article is about 2 minutes) One of the key insights from my speaking and Biz Coaching work is that as business owners, leaders or managers, our first job is to create clarity about 9 specific things.  I apologize for there being so many things to be clear about.  It […]

21Aug 2019

(Time to read this important Blog article is about 60 seconds) Much of what we believe about our customers, our staff, our future and our bottom line is simply not true.  Some of it never was true…and some of it was, but isn’t anymore.  As business owners and managers, we’re making important decisions based on […]


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