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06Feb 2019

(Time to read this article is about 2 minutes) Whatever you sell, wherever you sell it, your market is over-served and under-differentiated. So, you need to create and effectively communicate compelling value or you’re in big trouble.  Part of that communication strategy often involves advertising.  The problem is that much of the money spent on […]

23Jan 2019

(Time to read this article is about 2 minutes) As I work with clients around the world to rethink and refocus their business, I’ve found that there are four clear steps to the process of fixing what needs fixing.  Here they are… Step #1 – Awareness:  “Awareness” is simply knowing that some part of your […]

16Jan 2019

(Time to read this article is about 2 minutes) This year you could have lunch alone, or skip lunch altogether.  But imagine what you could learn and accomplish if, just once or twice a week, you chose to have lunch with someone special.  Someone who doesn’t normally have access to you.  That special person could […]

09Jan 2019

(Time to read this article is about 60 seconds) Managing any business or department often calls for making tough decisions.  Some of the toughest are about what and who to ‘let go of’.  What and who do you need to ‘let go of’ to make 2019 your best year ever?   The list could include… Products […]

19Dec 2018

(Time to read this article is about 45 seconds) There’s a big difference between being dependable and being predictable.  ‘Dependable’ means that you don’t let your customers down. ’Predictable’ simply means that you’re boring. You look, sound and act the same as your competitors and do nothing special to delight and amaze your customers and […]

19Dec 2018

(Time to read this article is about 30 seconds) Customers hate to wait. Like it or not, we live in the world of “I want it now”. So, here are Cooper’s 4 rules of waiting:  Rule #1: Don’t make people wait.  Waiting makes people feel unimportant. Implement systems, processes, physical facilities and staffing levels that […]

12Dec 2018

(Time to read this article is about 60 seconds) One of the most popular of all Christmas carols starts with the words, “Joy to the world”.  This is a concept that’s way too important to be on our lips and in our hearts for only three weeks each year.  The world and everyone in it […]

12Dec 2018

(Time to read this article is about 90 seconds) Note: When I first wrote this article a few years ago, we had such a wonderful response that it has become a December Newsletter tradition. Enjoy it for the first time…or enjoy it again. It’s a wonderful and important message for this, or any, time of […]


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