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12Apr 2017

(Time to read this Blog article is about 40 seconds) Whatever business you’re in, your customers are confused, stressed and running out of time.  Trust me.  They need clarity and they need help to wisely choose and effectively use what you sell.  They need you to be their ‘Caring Coach’.  To do this you need […]

12Apr 2017

(Time to read this Blog article about 30 seconds) Everything we do communicates whether we’re up-to-date or behind-the-times.  While checking out a client’s website this week, under the “Events’ tab I found listed 3 events from 2014, 2 from 2015…and nothing since.  What this communicates is that nothing exciting has happened in this business for […]

28Mar 2017

(Time to read this Blog article about 2 minutes)   1.     An employee or a small group of employees. Do this on a regular basis with employees from various parts of your business, or department.  Before the lunch make sure that you know what they do, if there have been challenges with them recently, if […]

21Mar 2017

(Time to read this Blog article about 40 seconds) Mr. Trump is promising to bring millions of jobs back to America.  This is a hollow promise because the kinds of jobs he’s referring to are quickly being replaced by robotic machines driven by incredible software.  In the past, manufacturing went to the countries with the […]

27Feb 2017

(Time to read this blog article is about 40 seconds) I love simple questions that get useful interaction going with Team members. Below are three such questions. My suggestion is that you type them out, give them to each Team member, ask them to think about them, come up with answers and get back to […]


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