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There are just 2 ways to grow your bottom line…get bigger or get better. Many companies focus on getting bigger when they should, first, focus on getting better. They’re building on a foundation of sand and it often ends badly. ‘Increased size will not make up for mediocrity and inefficiency. It will magnify it. But, somehow, getting ‘bigger’ sounds exciting, while getting ‘better’ feels like hard work.

It’s much smarter to get better before you get bigger. Better value; better customer experiences; more effective, targeted and proactive marketing; better pricing decisions; better efficiency, systems and process, inventory control and cash management; more efficient buying; more clarity, commitment and accountability; more passion; better recruitment processes, staff training and development, better culture, communication and engagement and better at dealing with non-performance; more listening to our team.

Choosing from this running list above, what are 4 areas in which you commit to get better. By when do you commit to make this happen? Then, what will be the next 4?

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