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Research shows that 81% of consumers and 94% of B2B buyers do online searches before making a purchase.  So, for many businesses, their website is the single most important part of their total marketing effort.  So, here are 3 simple but important tips on how to improve your website.

Tip #1:  Make sure your website and the info on it is current.  I’ve just visited a client’s website and under ‘Events’ they list two events from 2013, three from early 2014…and nothing since then.  The clear impression is that nothing new and exciting has happened in this business for 3 1/2 years and that they’re dead from the ass up.  WOW, that’s bad for business.

Tip #2:  Check for typos, bad grammar and amateurishly written text.  In my work I see so many websites that are riddled with typos, bad grammar and badly written text that make them look unprofessional.   Everything we do, or don’t do makes an impression.  How we tell our story matters. If you’re not a whiz at spelling or grammar, hire a local high school English teacher to check out your website.  Writing great copy is an art.  Don’t have it done by amateurs.

Tip #3:   Be the ‘Caring Coach’. Offer lots of free info and ‘coaching’ tips on how to wisely choose and effective use and / or store or maintain and eventually dispose of what you sell.  What do people need to know about you and what you sell?  Help them make wise choices.  Does your website deliver that info in a simple and interesting way?  If not, fix it.

Tip #4:  ‘Up your video’.  Your website should have lots of video clips.  A website without lots of quality video is way out of date.  Most of us have become ‘lazy learners’.  We’d far rather watch a video than read a long article.  Video gets attention and video ‘sells’.   

So, how will you use these 4 simple tips to improve the effectiveness of your website?    

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