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Greetings again fellow ‘quarantiners’.  Hope you’re still safe and sane. 

Before we get to ‘the 4 Key Questions’, here’s some semi-interesting and possibly helpful ‘stuff’.

  1. As we all work through this Covid mess…
    What are you doing to survive financially as a business and as a human? What disciplines are you embracing to preserve cash and what creativity have you embraced to generate revenue?  What’s possible?  Have you applied for all the assistance that’s available to you?  Have you negotiated deferment or forgiveness of certain payments?

    b) As a business and as a human, what are you doing to help others? Everyone’s hurting. As difficult as life is for us, we can still be helpful. As we all work through this Covid mess…

    c) What are you doing to communicate with family, friends, employees and customers? How can you make their day by taking a little time from your day?  Who would like to know that you’re thinking of them?

    d) If you have children at home how much time are you devoting to their education and well-being. In their lives they will face many crises.  The lessons they learn from you in this one could be so helpful in how they handle the next ones.  This is also a great time to teach them some important life skills like how to cook an egg, sew on a button or create and live by a realistic budget.
    e) What are you doing to stay physically and mentally fit? Exercise and sunlight build our strength and uplift our spirits.
    f) What are you doing to grow and improve so that you come out of this mess better prepared, more qualified or more skilled to tackle the rest of your life? What are 3 things that you need to learn, improve or do to move your business, career or life forward?  How can you turn a crisis into a personal growth sabbatical?

  2. How long will it take to get back to ‘normal’?   For a sane and realistic look at how long it will take to get back to ‘normal’, and what that normal might look like, check out a short video below by the insightful Graeme Codrington.  I’ve worked with Graeme overseas, He’s a very clever guy!
  3. 4 ‘Key Questions’ our business should ask about talent, technology and training:

    The 3 ‘Ts’ of business success are ‘talent, technology and training’.  While working with a Biz Coaching client last week, I developed ‘4 Key Questions’ that will be helpful in transforming your business or department. To access this extraordinary new Biz Tool, no charge, Click Here.


If you have any questions about this new Biz Tool,   I’m real easy to find by email at donald@donaldcooper.com 


That’s it for this week…

Stay calm…keep safe…and do at least 3 important or kind things each day!        

Donald Cooper 

Here’s that video!


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