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About half of our readers are business owners and half are managers, supervisors or sales and marketing professionals who might be in a job interview situation some day, as they look to move their career forward.

When most folks are preparing for a job interview, their focus is on the questions they’ll be asked.  But, in order to stand out and differentiate yourself from all the other candidates, perhaps you should spend more time thinking about questions you will ask the interviewer. 

Below are 7 examples of questions that will impress interviewers.  Use them as inspiration to make up your own questions that will position you as the ‘top candidate’.

Question #1:  “So that I better understand how I can be helpful to your business, can you give me an example of a client acquisition or retention challenge that you have faced recently?” 

Note:  The specific ‘challenge’ to which you refer will change, depending on the position for which you’re applying.

Then, either on the spot or in your post-interview ‘thank you’ email, make a few suggestions as to how to solve that challenge. 

Question #2:  “If I’m selected to fill this position, would I be able to work in the Call Centre for a few weeks to get a feel for our customer’s challenges and concerns?”

Questions like this show that you’re not a prima donna and are prepared to dig in and do what it takes to learn the business from the ground up.

Question #3:  “A year from now, what departmental performance improvements or specific outcomes would define success in this job?”

Questions like this show that you’re focused on performance and outcomes. 

Question #4:  “Your Brands have been much more active on Social Media over the past few months.  Does this indicate a change in your marketing strategy?  Are you seeing results yet?”

Questions like this show that you’ve done your homework, you are a strategic thinker and you’re focused on results.

Question #5:  “It’s important that each new employee fits with and have a positive impact on the business Culture.  If you could describe the Culture here in just 5 words, what might those words be?”

This question shows that you understand the importance of business Culture and want to make sure that you’re a Cultural fit.

Question #6:  “Where do you see the company being in 3 to 5 years and what opportunities might that create for top performers?”

This is another question that shows you to be a confident long-term strategic thinker who is looking for a meaningful career…not just a job.

Question #7:  “Are there any questions that you really want to ask me, but haven’t? 

Questions like this show that you have empathy for the thoughts and concerns of others and have nothing to hide.

How could questions like these help you stand out as a top candidate and accelerate your career?  But beware, don’t create an expectation that you can’t deliver.  That will end badly.  

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