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Employee engagement is a hot topic these days, as it should be.  Employee engagement is defined as a passionate commitment to their organisation’s goals values and success.

There is some shocking research out there about the level of engagement and disengagement by employees.  According to the latest North American numbers from Gallup Research:

  1. only 34% of employees are truly engaged in the success of their employer.
  2. 50% are not engaged.
  3. 16% are actively disengaged and intentionally trying to sabotage their employer in some way.


In my experience, the leading causes of employee disengagement are lack of clarity in the business, inept management combined with a negative culture and, finally, the inability to screen out job candidates who are not a good fit for the business.

Below is my list of 9 keys to improving employee engagement.  Which of these needs work in your business?

  1. During the job interview process, screen out candidates whose values, ability, drive and priorities are simply not a good fit for your business.  If they’re not a good fit for you, nothing you do will change that.   
  2. All team members have a clear understanding of the businesses, history, ‘purpose’, values, value promise, vision and mission.  They know who we are as a business, why we’re doing this, where we’re going and what we stand for.
  3. They participate in the development and implementation of each element listed above. 
  4. All Team members are properly trained to do their job and are encouraged to take initiative, within clearly defined boundaries.
  5. Ideas for improvement, feedback and respectful debate are encouraged, listened to and acted on when appropriate.
  6. They know how the business is doing, how they’re doing and where improvement is needed.  There are incentives, rewards, frequent ‘thank yous’ and celebrations for success…and non-performance is dealt with fairly, quickly and effectively.
  7. They know why their job is important and how it affects customers, the rest of the  team, the community, the environment and the bottom line.
  8. There is a positive, encouraging, energized and respectful culture that promotes excellence, teamwork, urgency, joy and autonomy.
  9. There is a career path for those with the interest and ability to grow their lives and grow the business.


So, how does your business rate on each of these 9 key employee engagement factors?  What needs improving, doing or fixing…and who will do what, by when, measured how, to make that happen?  Remember, businesses don’t die from a single shot to the head.  They die, slowly but surely, from a 1,000 uncompleted tasks.

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