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Young people from age 18 to 34 now represent 33% of the North American workforce.  By 2020, that number will rise to 46%.

One of the biggest challenges in many businesses today is how to engage, manage and retain a strong team of these young employees. We expect them to be like we were when we were their age…and they’re not.  They’re constantly reinventing themselves, trying to find their passions, do what they love, and lead fulfilling lives.  A set schedule where they answer to a boss for every second of the day simply doesn’t match their reality.  

Here are the results of a recent survey that shows what today’s young people expect in a job: 

  1. Money: They want to be rewarded in direct proportion to the value they deliver.
  2. Flexible schedules: They expect to have some control over their work schedule.
  3. Flexible location : (working partly from home) and some control over their work-space.
  4. Marketable skills: They’re looking for opportunities to build skills and knowledge.
  5. Access to decision makers: They want to start building relationships with managers, clients,  customers and vendors.
  6. Recognition: They want to know someone is keeping track and that they are scoring points.
  7. The chance to prove themselves:  They want to know they’ll have an opportunity to prove their ability.
  8. Some creativity: They want the opportunity for some creative expression in their job.

Then, when you add in another prediction that by the year 2020, 40% of the North American workforce will be freelance, contract or temp workers offering their services on an ‘as needed’ basis to a number of different employers, think of what your business will look like with that staffing model. 

How will you adjust your business culture, your employment practices, employee training and your management style to thrive in this new reality?

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