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Whatever type of business you’re in, how could you benefit from this simple but brilliant insight from one of our clients.

This client, a retailer, had problems with staff engagement, staff productivity and staff turnover.  His brilliant solution was to put each of his retail sales people in charge of merchandising, housekeeping, stock replenishment and staff product knowledge training for one specific area of the store.  There jobs were previously done by folks from ‘head office’ who travelled to each store at great expense to do them.

The result has been a much higher level of staff interest, commitment and productivity…and much improved store performance.  The staff are more engaged, their jobs are more interesting, they undertake their additional responsibilities during slow periods, rather than just standing around.   And each one of them is worth more, so they’re all paid more.

Net result…sales and profits are way up and operating expenses and staff turnover are way down. Staff feel that they have a retail career rather than just a retail sales job…and, because the staff have taken ‘ownership’ of running the store wonderfully, the boss now has much more time to plan and grow the business…and to have a life.

This doesn’t mean that you can load up already overworked employees with even more work.  That will backfire.  What this does mean is that if you take the time to rethink and reallocate responsibilities and assignments to enrich everyone’s job you will be amazed at the increase in productivity and engagement of most of your staff.  Start a dialogue with your team as a group and as individuals. 

Whatever type of business you’re in, how could you give your team additional responsibility, more initiative and an opportunity to earn more money?  Get their input on how you can all work smarter.  Assure them of your commitment to their personal, career and financial growth as you work to improve and grow the business…and their lives.   


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