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NoteI always write my own blogs, but this week I’m ‘borrowing’ one from a gentleman named Randy Phillips.  I have no idea who is, or what he does, but this Blog touched me.  Randy makes an excellent point about the importance of being an encourager, so I share it with you.     

Buy whatever the kids are selling.

Sometimes you come out of a restaurant or grocery store and they’ve got a little table set up. You try not to make eye contact with them. It’s like, “If I can pretend I don’t see them, I won’t have to buy it.”

Get over there!  Go to that table. They’ve got that wrapping paper.  You can buy it half-price somewhere else or you don’t need it?  What you need is not the issue!  Go over there and buy what the kids are selling.

They’ve got cookies. You don’t eat cookies! This isn’t about what you eat!  Buy what the kids are selling.

Here’s what I do. I walk over to them and ask, “What’s the largest amount that you’ve sold today?  Who bought the most?’

The kid says, “Well, somebody bought five boxes.”

So, I say, “Give me ten. I want ten boxes of those cookies.”

At which point my wife says, “What are you going to do with ten boxes of cookies?”

To which I reply, “I honestly don’t know.  Don’t worry about that.”

It’s about the look on their face when they make a sale and grow their confidence! I’m showing them, “This is how business works. You have something of value. You have the guts to ask for the order and I give you money.”

We’re teaching those kids!  Encouragement speaks loudest when it’s followed by action — your action.

Always buy what the kids are selling.

Give a child the gift of encouragement and hope.  It takes only a moment.  Then you can give away the thing you bought and explain why you bought it in the first place.

Kindness is contagious. Perhaps the recipient of your gift will be inspired to do the same.


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9 Responses to Always buy what the kids are selling:
  1. This is great, I also always buy chocolate bars or cookies when they come to the door of my house. Its a great way to encourage them to meet their neighbours and gain confidence in asking for a sale.

  2. Thanks for sharing this blog post, Donald. It really made me smile. I was a Girl Guide leader for 16 years and I saw first hand the positive impact an enthusiastic and appreciative customer had on the girls. My oldest daughter is 25 years old and recently reminisced about our neighbor across the street who faithfully bought four boxes of cookies from her twice a year and was always friendly, gracious, and encouraging. It meant so much to her and helped build her confidence – it went a long way to help her overcome the anxiety caused by the rude and condescending people who turned her away.

  3. I love this idea and I’m going to share it with my network!

  4. Thanks this was excellent I always try to buy but never have I made it big enough so I could tell them why! I won’t miss next time thanks to this blog.

  5. Hi Donald! I follow your posts, love them, especially this one. I did many years of fundraising for our school so I have seen many types of rejection & encouragement. My favourite rejection was someone who did not like the raffle prize on offer – I was amazed because it was never about the prize to me. Most people are very encouraging & warm hearted & I very much enjoyed my time fundraising & showing my children that a community working together can create something bigger than themselves. You never know how those experiences will translate into their lives.
    Warmest regards, Sharon

  6. I like it. Excellent thoughts.

  7. I learned a lot more than I thought at the time selling apples for the Cubs and Boy Scouts. It teaches an interactive skill that you get mostly from doing it. Thanks for a very nice story that makes me feel good.

  8. Donald – I sold Girl Guide cookies by the case and always went TO my customer – mostly neighbours. I would tell them that I could only sell by the case and it was the best way to buy them! When they bought a case, the cookies could go in the freezer and then when they had to go somewhere, the could take a box of Girl Guide cookies as a gift. Or in the middle of summer they could take out a box of frozen Girl Guide cookies and let them thaw for a few minutes and they were as fresh as the day they bought them!

  9. Now, I always buy Girl Guide cookies and love the idea of buy the largest amount they sold. And I will ask the Guides to tell the next customer how many I sold so they can buy more!


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