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I’ve said for years that every industry has way too many Conferences and Trade Shows and it’s not sustainable.  Ace Canada, a large hardware industry distributor, just announced that it is cancelling its traditional Spring Dealer Buying Show and instead will offer dealers the opportunity to make their bookings online, including special promotions, pallet offers, vendor specials and extended payment terms.

The move is aimed at saving time and travel costs for its independent retail customers. To quote Ace Hardware, “Our dealers have told us that they would save money by booking their products online.  Vendors have expressed interest in attending only one trade show per year”.

When this trend catches on, and it will, it has huge implications for event venues, event planners, hotels airlines, companies that design and produce trade show booths and many others.

So, how is technology changing virtually every aspect of your industry and your business? Are you the technology and innovation leader in your market…or are you hanging on to the way things used to be?   

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