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One of the biggest myths in business today is that there’s no such thing as customer loyalty anymore.  The truth is that people are loyal, fiercely loyal, to what’s best for them…or what they assume is best for them.  That’s it!

So, first we must do the work to be the ‘wise choice’ for our target customers.  Then, we must prove it to them.  People are cynical and confused.  They’ve been lied to, let down and disappointed too many times.  They want proof.  Below is my list of 7 ways that you can prove your value or performance claims. 

  1.   Let them experience it themselves. ‘Test driving’, sampling, examining.
  2. Live demonstrations or videos that show the value.
  3. Independent trusted research.
  4. You’ve won awards or competitions.
  5. Trusted referrals from key influencers.
  6. Comments from delighted customers / clients. 
  7. A strong performance guarantee.

So, which of these types of ‘proof’ can work for you?  The more proof you have, the more confidence you create…and the more loyalty you’ll get.  

A Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor recently told me that he had won the ‘People’s Choice’ award in his community for 6 years in a row, but had never bothered to put that on his website, his trucks, his business cards or his contract quotes.  This is nuts.  He had the most powerful, believable proof of his value…and he did nothing with it.  Don’t make this mistake.  How will you prove to target customers that you are the ‘wise choice’?    

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