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Customers are like spouses.  In some parts of the relationship they want us to be predictable, reliable and dependable.  But they also want the unexpected delightful little surprises that make being with us, or doing business with us, a joyful and interesting adventure.  They want to feel important and appreciated.

‘Dependable and predictable’, yet ‘surprising and joyful’ is the winning combination for building and nurturing lasting relationships in both our business and our personal lives.  It’s not an easy thing to pull off…but that’s what it takes.

So, what are the processes, systems, standards, policies and controls that you’ve put in place to deliver ‘predictable, reliable and dependable’?  And, then, what are the extraordinary, surprising, kind and joyful things you’ll do to delight customers, turn them into fans, get them coming back and telling others about you?  Think extraordinary. Think of what has never been done before that would give you an ‘unfair’ competitive advantage.

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