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Managing any business today is tough…and getting tougher.  We’re all faced with more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity and disruption, and shrinking margins.  Whatever product or service you sell, your market is overserved and under-differentiated.  Mediocrity is no longer an option!  We must all be extraordinary, or we’ll become irrelevant and be gone.

First, we must create and deliver compelling value and extraordinary customer experiences.  What unique products, services, speed of delivery or customer experiences would it take to set your business apart and make it not all about price?  What has never been done before that would be so powerful, so compelling, that your target customers simply could not resist you?  What could you become ‘famous’ for and are you willing to do the work to make that happen?

Or, conversely, what would you have to do to proactively make it all about price…and then develop the world-class operating efficiency that wins that battle, profitably?  Realistically, those are the two choices that every business faces.    

Then, whichever value proposition we commit to, we must communicate our value story in everything we do.  We must promote, market and sell like never before.  There’s no point being ‘the best’ if we’re also the best-kept secret.

We need to hire extraordinary talent, not just ‘bodies’.  Then, train, inspire and empower every person on our Team to WOW our customers, achieve world-class operating efficiency and grow the bottom line.  We must measure performance, reward and celebrate success…and deal quickly with non-performance.  Failure to deal with non-performance is one of the biggest problems in many businesses today. So, we must manage smarter.

Next, we need to understand the ‘math of profitability’.  Our profit is something that we plan for…not something we hope for. If we don’t understand our numbers, we don’t understand our business.  Small improvements in pricing, sales or expense control will result in dramatic improvements on the bottom line!

Finally, we need to be clear about how our business must change and grow to be even more extraordinary in 3 to 5 years.  We need a Vision for the future that will guide and challenge us and everyone on our Team to be more focused, more innovative and more proactive than ever before. 

In this bottom-line, challenging and inspiring presentation Donald delivers the ‘straight goods’ on how to be extraordinary in every part of your business.

“Be extraordinary or be eliminated” is one of our most requested speech titles.  For more info about booking Donald to deliver this compelling, bottom-line program at a Management Conference or Corporate Event, contact us at 1- 416-252-3703 in Toronto Canada, or by email at donald@donaldcooper.com.

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