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  1. USA health care is big business. The U.S. healthcare sector is now larger than all but four of the world’s national economies.
  2. Are you keeping up with disruptive innovation? Every day, the world and your industry are being changed by new technologies, materials, products and business models.  When we’re stuck in day-to-day operations we miss much of the innovation that’s going on around us.
    A great way to keep tuned into the world of innovation, keep your creative juices flowing and make you look a lot smarter to your kids) is to subscribe to the Springwise E-Newsletter at hello@springwisenewsletter.com.  Click on the ‘Newsletter’ tab to sign up for their no-charge basic service.  The weekly version will likely serve your purposes.  They have a pretty pricy paid subscription, but you likely don’t need or want it.
  1. Do you live up to your business name or brand promise? Recently, while doing internet research for a speaking assignment, I came across a company named ‘5 Star Lawn Care and Snow Plowing’ in Grandville, Michigan.  But, ironically, ‘5 Star Lawn Care’ gets only a 2.3 star rating on Google.   Don’t you love irony?  
  2. Cows upset by airline ad? A Porter Airlines ad that appeared at Toronto Island Airport has been removed after pressure from animal activists.  The poster at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport said, “At Porter airlines you’re precious cargo, not cattle.”  The ad was immediately removed when animal activist, Len Goldberg, complained that it was “insulting” to cows.
  3. Better concrete made with recycled tires. Researchers from University of British Columbia have infused concrete with fibres from recycled tires, a process which strengthens the concrete and reduces cracking by 90%.
    Disposing of the approx one billion tires discarded each year is a big global problem so shredding and using them to improve concrete is an important breakthrough.
  1. You can’t build a business on broken promises. While booking a hotel in the UK last month I went on the hotel’s own website where I was offered the “Best Rate Guaranteed” price of £327 a night, for 5 nights.  But Trivago, a hotel search site, had the same room, at the same time, available for 20% less.
    Are you making any price or performance promises in your business that you can’t or don’t keep?  Search them out, and either fix what needs fixing to deliver the promise…or stop making the false promise.

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