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  1. Add more video to your Website…now. A website that doesn’t have lots of helpful and engaging video is simply out of date.  We’ve all been conditioned to watch video through years of watching TV.  Our friend’s cat even watches The Pet Channel on TV all day.  Also, we’ve become ‘lazy learners’.  Most of us would rather watch an instructional video than read about a product.  It’s called ‘edutainment’…and it’s real.  So, what will you do to add more and better video content to your website…and specifically by when will you do this?

    PS:  Video is also an effective way to communicate to potential employees, new hires and existing employees your company history or the details of your employee policies, heal and safety or benefit programs. 
  1. Employee benefit update. Every employee at software company Evernote gets professional housecleaning twice a month, as an employee benefit.  What employee benefits, improved working conditions or cultural changes in your business would help make you the employer of choice?  Remember, the real battle in business today is the battle to attract, engage and retain talent.  Are you a ‘talent magnet’?
  2. According to the people who study these things for a living, by the year 2020, knowledge will double every 11 hours. So, in the year 2020, if you go to bed and sleep for 11 hours, when you wake up, in relative terms, you’ll be only half as smart as you were when you went to bed.  
  3. That’s a lot of chickens. Warehouse retailer, Costco, sells more than 70,000 cooked rotisserie chickens every day.
  4. Disruption in business is nothing new. It’s the pace and extent of change that is overwhelming.  The current digital transformation is happening 10 times faster and at 300 times the scale, or roughly 3,000 times the impact of the Industrial Revolution that took place from 1760 to 1840. 

    The businesses that refuse, or are unable, to change their business models and legacy systems (whether cultural, organisational or technological) are losing ground to start-ups and to a new range of competitors.  Will you be a disruptor…or a victim of disruption?  It’s your choice.
  1. Have you fully embraced E-Commerce in your business? On November 1st Alibaba, China’s biggest  on-line shopping site, hit one-day sales of US$25.4 billion. At peak times that day they handled 256,000 transactions per second.   Compare these one-day sales of $25.4 billion to Walmart’s global sales of about $1.3 billion average per day.

    Whether you sell B2C or B2B, what are you doing to be an E-Commerce leader?    

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