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  1. Humans need not apply: In the heavily industrialized southern Chinese province of Guangdong  (pop 107 million), it is estimated that 80% of factory workers will be replaced by automation (robotics) in the next three years.   A recent White House Report estimates that 47% of all jobs will be replaced by technology of some sort in the foreseeable future.

    This replacement of humans in all aspects of business will happen all over the world.  What will be the human and societal impact of tens of millions of people being unemployed?  What are you doing to ensure that you and your children are ready for a very different tomorrow?

  2. Don’t let your brand promise slip away. For years, Volvo built their brand on a passionate commitment to safety.  But look where they are now.  In the latest survey by ‘The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety’, Volvo vehicles finished dead last in 3 car model categories.  So, now they’re just another mediocre undifferentiated brand with no clear value story.

    What is your passionate brand commitment and are you nurturing and strengthening that in everything you do…or are you letting it slip away?

  3. Norway is the electric car capital of the world. In 2016 29% of all new cars sold in Norway were electric or plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

  4. Finland has the world’s highest per capita consumption of coffee.

  5. Does your website have lots of engaging, helpful video?  Streaming video now takes up almost 70% of internet traffic.  People love video, they’re drawn to video.  We’ve become ‘lazy learners’.  We’d much rather watch something than read something.  So, if your website doesn’t have lots of great video content, you’re way behind the times.

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