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  1. Once again, women are smarter than men: In Indonesia, 76% of men smoke …the highest rate in the world.  But only 3% of Indonesian women do.    
  2. Spooky pets are big biz:  Dressing up pets for Halloween in North America is estimated to be a $530 million market.      
  3. Are you doing any sneaky stuff?  If so, stop now!   I just received notice from my bank, the 2nd largest in Canada, that they’ve increased interest rates on unpaid credit card balances by 5%.  Their annual interest rate on unpaid balances has jumped from 19.99% to 24.99%.
    This is NOT a 5% increase.  This is a 25% increase.  Don’t you hate a bank that can’t do math?   And what’s with this 24.99% stuff?  Who are they trying to fool?  That’s 25%.  Let’s call it what it is.  Shame on them.
    Are you doing any sneaky or manipulative stuff like this in your business?  If so, stop it immediately.
    By-the-way, the annualized interest rate on payday loans is 391% to 521%.  OUCH.
  4. How much salt is in the ocean?   If you spread all the salt that’s dissolved in the world’s oceans over the planet’s entire land surface, it would form a layer 152 meters (500 feet) deep.  That’s roughly as tall as a 40-story building.
  5. How could you proactively amaze and delight your customers?  I have a new family doctor and a most amazing thing has just happened.  Last week he sent me for some tests.  Yesterday, his office proactively called to tell me the results.  This has not happened, ever, in my whole life.  I’ve always had to wait till my next appointment to get results, no matter how important they were.  I was amazed, delighted and relieved.  I love this guy.
    So, what info, follow-up, coaching, thank you, celebration, kindness or reminder could you proactively bring to your customers or prospects that would amaze and delight them?   Take some time to think about this, make a list, put a process in place…and get on with it.
  1.  What are your travel plans for 2020?  According to a recent survey by Travel & Leisure Magazine, the top 5 countries that people want to visit in 2020 are Italy, Spain, Australia, Greece, and France.  Personally, I’d be adding New Zealand to any travel list.  The country is magnificent and the people are wonderful.
2 Responses to Bits & Pieces…interesting stuff to help you think, giggle or amaze your friends:
  1. Thailand for sure! So many European/AUS destinations are very similar to what we experience. Thailand is quite different, and with it’s Buddhist background the people have a very different outlook on life. I love it!


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