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  1. Cooper’s famous Chowder. Every year at this time I remind folks about my very own “world’s best” recipe for Scallop Chowder. As winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the perfect time for a steaming bowl of thick and creamy chowder.
    Readers all over the world write to say that this delicious, hearty chowder is now an annual tradition at their house. One of our readers made a giant pot of it for his employees, as a special treat. They loved it. To access the recipe, click here.
  2. Starbucks does a good thing. Starbucks has just opened its first North American location catering to deaf and hearing-impaired customers.
    The café, staffed entirely by employees who can communicate in American Sign Language (ASL), is located near Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Gallaudet is America’s premier university for students who are deaf or hearing-impaired.
    What ‘good thing’ could you do to better serve your customers who have special challenges or who need a special service or simple act of kindness? Who will look into this…and who will follow up?
  3. ‘Cow facts’ you may not know. Raising cattle creates seven times more greenhouse gases per tonne of protein produced than raising pigs or chickens. If all the cattle on the planet were a nation, they would be the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter.
  4. Are you expert enough to charge top dollar? Experts get paid more. For example, China is paying Marcello Lippi, former Italian national soccer coach, $28 million a year to develop a competitive Chinese national team. WOW.
    Have you done the work to be a true expert in your chosen field? What will you do in 2019 to become more expert in this fast-changing world?
  5. The world’s 5 most popular travel destinations.

1. France — 86.9 million visitors,
2. Spain — 81.8 million visitors,
3. U.S. — 75.9 million visitors,
4. China — 60.7 million visitors,
5. Italy — 58.3 million visitors.

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