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  1. Book recommendation. If you’re a business owner, leader or manager, the book ‘Multipliers…how the best leaders make everyone smarter’ by Liz Wiseman is definitely for you.
  2. The world’s most visited cities.   With almost 20 million international visitors a year, Bangkok, Thailand is the world’s most visited city, followed by London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore and New York. 
  3. Is your website communicating an effective message?  In his excellent monthly ‘Terrific Trading’ Newsletter my friend Jurek Leon in Australia (http://www.terrifictrading.com/) recently talked about the importance of keeping your website accurate, engaging and up-to-date.  Below are some of the flaws and shortcomings that hurt the credibility and effectiveness of your website:
  • Failure to communicate clearly what you do and how you do it wonderfully. Stated more simply, ‘Failure to differentiate.’
  • Links that don’t work.
  • Pages that take ages to load.
  • ‘News’ pages and blogs where the latest post is over a year old.
  • Font that’s too small or colour combinations that make your website difficult to read.
  • Numerous typos which suggest that you don’t pay attention to detail, are incompetent, or don’t give a damn.
  • Information that isn’t listed under logical headings.
  • In today’s world any website that has little or no video is horribly out-of-date. We’ve all become ‘lazy learners’ and would much rather watch than read. Video engages people and draws them more effectively into your story. 
  • No testimonials or gutsy guarantees that prove your commitment to deliver.
  • For bricks & mortar businesses, a lack of info about opening hours and exact location.
  • Lack of contact details that will make it easy to phone or email a real person in your biz.
    Check your website against this list above and fix what needs fixing ASAP.
  1. Do you have the right skills? According to the World Economic Forum, artificial intelligence and smart machines (robotics) could displace 75 million jobs, globally, by 2022.  But demand for new jobs requiring new skills might create 133 million jobs over the same period.  That’s a net gain of 58 million jobs…if you have the right skills.
  2. What city in the world has the most top-rated restaurants? Tokyo has more restaurants with Michelin Stars than any other city in the world. 

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