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  1. My 23 tips for increasing sales in 2019. Our Biz Tool #A14 will guide you through a list of 23 questions that will help you come up with many ways to increase sales in 2019.  Set aside one hour to sit with some of the best minds and hearts in your business to discuss these insightful questions. To download this Biz Tool, no charge, click here
  1. TD – Canada Trust Bank does the right thing.    Like many banks, TD – Canada Trust offers seniors a discount on their monthly account fees.  Unlike many banks, TD actually makes sure that seniors get their discount.
    The bank recently noticed that, for whatever reason, many clients over the age of 60 were not taking advantage of these discounts.  Perhaps they weren’t aware of the program, or they forgot. So, TD made a decision to proactively enroll clients in the Senior’s Discount Program when they turn 60 and, second, to reimburse all seniors for discounts they were eligible for, but hadn’t claimed.  About 450,000 customers received the reimbursement.
    What could you do in your business to be more proactive in making sure that your customers are aware of all the benefits and perks you offer? 
  1. What country creates the most rubbish per capita? Here’s one you’d never guess. Iceland has the world’s highest rubbish generation per person.  By the way, advanced nations make up 16% of the world’s population, but generate 34% of the world’s rubbish.
    How will your business reduce, reuse and recycle more effectively in 2019?  Who is in charge of this initiate in your business and what’s the specific Plan?
  1. Listen to your front-line people.  For years I’ve been urging business owners and managers to spend more time listening to their front-line people.  When we listen to these folks two things happen.  First, we learn from them…and 2nd, we honour them.
    When we don’t listen to our front-line people two things also happen.  First, we do not learn from them…and 2nd, we dishonour them.  Our front-line people know stuff and they hate it when we don’t ask. They assume that we don’t care…and if we don’t care, why should they?
    Here’s a quick quote from Judith McKenna, the President and CEO of Walmart International…
    “Your front-line people will tell you what the problems are…and they can often tell you what the solution is.”
  1. Amazing New Zealand.  I’m a huge fan of New Zealand.  Whatever places are on your list of ‘must see’ destinations, New Zealand should be at the top.  It’s beyond beautiful…it’s magical.  An you won’t go hungry.
    New Zealand has a population of about 4.6 million people but it produces enough food for 40 million people.  That’s efficiency!   What will you do in 2019 to improve efficiency in every part of your business?

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