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  1. The importance of asking tthe right questions.  Many leaders believe that their job is to have all the right answers.  But actually, leaders need to be much better at asking the right questions.
    Asking great questions is fundamental to finding out what’s really going on in the business, building employee engagement and benefiting from the wisdom of your team. Develop the skill of asking great questions…and then listen.
  1. The high personal cost of professional football. In the 2017-18 NFL season 291 concussions were reported.
    In 2017 a study of 111 deceased NFL players found that 110 of them had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease, caused by repeated concussions. CTE appears to cause erratic and often violent behaviour, memory loss, depression and, sometimes, suicide.  A high price indeed.  But the question here for all of us is what are we doing in our business to ensure the safety of everyone on our Team?
  2. Why we don’t let chickens vote.    The human population on planet Earth is about 7.7 billion.  The chicken population is 23 billion.  And that’s why we don’t let chickens vote.
  3. Whatever happened to ‘simple acts of kindness’?     A No Frills grocery store manager in Alberta, Canada told Linda Rolston, a disabled customer with mobility issues, that she would have to shop somewhere else because she was too slow in packing her groceries at the check-out. They banned a disabled customer from their grocery store.  What were they thinking?  What were they feeling?
    When Ms. Rolston complained to the company’s head office, they offered her a measly $100 in compensation on the condition that she sign a release promising not take action against the company, or speak out about the incident.  She turned down the offer and now TV news and social media have picked up on this stunning lack of compassion nationally and internationally.  So, now we have a new definition of ‘mean, cheap and stupid’.
  4. Problems in China. Thanks to China’s “one-child policy,” which lasted from 1979 to 2015, each young Chinese worker today faces the financial burden of supporting two parents and four grandparents as they get older.
  5. Most and least stressful Airports in America.    New York’s La Guardia Airport is said to be the most stressful airport in America with the most flight cancellations and delays.  Salt Lake City Airport is the least stressful airport.  

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