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  1. Doing well by doing good.   A Dutch company specializing in 3D printing items using crushed stone, is offering to help restore Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris after last month’s devastating fire.  To demonstrate how it can help, the company, CONCR3DE, used its 3D printing expertise and some of the ash and stone from the Notre Dame ruins to reproduce one of the cathedral’s original gargoyles.
    Are you always on the lookout for ways to creatively use your skills and resources to help out in your part of the world when tragedy strikes?  What might that look like?  It’s great for staff engagement and pride and it’s a great way to show what you do while showing ‘who’ you are. 
  1. Could you get along without the internet?  It’s estimated that about 3.5 billion people in the world (half of the world’s total population) are still unable to access the internet.   
    LinkSure Network, a Chinese company, is planning to launch 272 satellites over the next eight years to deliver free internet access across the globe.
  1. Where do your new employees start?   Many companies announce to new employees, “You’ll start at the bottom.” What a horrible phrase!  ‘The bottom’ sounds a pit of degradation from which you may never escape.
    At Concours Collision Centres in Calgary, Alberta every new employee starts at the beginning.  ‘The beginning’ sounds like the start of an adventure in learning and gaining experience which you might actually enjoy.  What a difference one word can make.  So, where do your new staff start?
  1. Eating out takes a bigger share of our food budget.  Even with the huge popularity of TV cooking shows of all types, the ‘Business Insider’ website reports that eating out now accounts for 43% of the annual food expenditures for families, on average, in North America.  Perhaps many people spend more time watching cooking shows than they spend actually cooking.  
  1. Best cities to live in.  Each year, Mercer, a global HR consulting company, issues its ‘Quality of Living’ rankings, listing the best and the worst cities to live in. For its rankings, Mercer considers housing, education, public services, the natural environment, recreation, and the political and social environment.
    In 2019, Vienna is the world’s #1 city for the 10th year in a row. Vancouver is #3. San Francisco is the highest ranked US city in 34th place and Baghdad, Iraq ranked dead last at #231.
    Click below for the entire ranking to see how your city rates:

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