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  1. Would you like some weed in your wedding cake? On October 27th Toronto will host the first Cannabis Wedding Expo where wedding planners and engaged couples can meet with over 50 vendors who specialize in ‘tastefully’ incorporating cannabis and cannabis edibles into weddings.  I do not make this stuff up.
  2. Dutch facts: The Netherlands (Holland) is the world’s largest exporter of flowers, potatoes and onions.  
  3. Passport facts: Just 7% of Chinese citizens possess a passport compared to 40% of Americans, 60% of Canadians and 76% of Aussies and Brits.
  4. Coal is not going away any time soon: Over 30% of the world’s electricity is generated from burning coal.  In China, the world’s largest producer of electricity, almost 60% of all electricity is generated from coal and South Africa generates 93% of its electricity from burning coal.
  5. Plastic made of seaweed:   David Christian, a 25-year-old Indonesian, has invented a way of making plastic out of seaweed, without the use of any chemicals. This edible, biodegradable plastic is especially suitable for food packaging which makes up 33% of all the plastic polluting the world’s oceans.  ‘Thank you’ David.
  6. Uber puts the customer in control.  Customers of Uber’s more expensive Uber Black and Uber Limo services in the USA can now use a special app to indicate that they prefer minimal conversation during their ride, or that they’re happy to chat with the driver.  What could you do to give your customers more choice or more control…and then to honour their wishes?

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