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  1. And the Scots are supposed to be thrifty people. The Scottish Tourism Board spent 6 months and $160,000 to create a new slogan that would boost tourism.  They came up with, “Welcome to Scotland”.   How pathetic is that?     
  2. 40,000 fentanyl deaths: The consumption of illicit drugs laced with fentanyl results in approx. 40,000 deaths in North America per year. A US-based harm reduction group, DanceSafe, is promoting a test strip that quickly shows if your illicit street drugs are laced with fentanyl.
    Having never consumed any recreational drug, I’ll likely die of something boring like Haagen Daz ice cream.
  3. Who knew that almonds are so ‘thirsty’?  80 percent of the world’s almonds are grown in California’s drought-stricken Central Valley and each nut takes a gallon of water to produce.  Almonds consume close to 10 percent of the state’s annual agricultural water use.  That’s more water than what the entire population of Los Angeles and San Francisco uses in a year.
  1. Before you start complaining about your ineffective or toxic staff, ask yourself a few tough questions:
    •  Who hired them?
    •  Who trained them?
    •  Who coaches them?
    •  Who supervises their work?
    •  Who keeps them on the payroll?How do your recruitment, training, communication and supervision processes need to change?  
  1. How could your business do well by doing good? London-based coffee company Change Please’ is committed to reducing the number of homeless people by training and employing them as baristas. They estimate that by 2020 there will be a need for 100,000 new baristas in the UK, resulting in a huge shortage of staff.  ‘Change Please’ pays the program participants a living wage and offers help to find housing.




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