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  1. Half the planet’s food is lost or wasted. In many developing countries half the food crop is lost to vermin and insects after harvest.  In developed countries about half of the food produced is simply wasted.
    US grocery giant Kroger Supermarkets is committed to doing something about the food waste problem.  In 2017 they donated the equivalent of 325 million meals through a partnership with Feeding America.  Kroger’s goal for year 2025 is 3 billion meals donated.
    With whom could you partner to make a difference of some kind in your community?
  2. Another use for drones. Criminals are now using drones to smuggle drugs, cell phones and even weapons to inmates in prisons.
  3. The importance of tidying up ‘loose ends’ in your business and your life. Have you tidied up the loose ends in your business and your life?  Failing to do so can create a costly and contentious mess.  Here are three examples of untidiness:
    a) Musician Prince died in 2016 with a $200 million estate and no Will.  Two years later not a penny has been paid out but you can be sure that lawyers are making a fortune on this.

    b) Aretha Franklin died recently with a $70 million estate and also no Will. Who is advising these people?

    c) A Biz Coaching client of mine ran the family business for 30 years, but owned only 40% of the shares.  His brother owned 40% of the shares and his sister, 20%.  Neither of them had ever worked in the business.  My client’s expectation was that his siblings would be OK with him getting all of the proceeds from an eventual sale of the business…but there was no written Agreement on this and he had never even chatted with them about it.  I pushed him and pushed him and he finally tidied it up with a signed Agreement.
    What ‘loose ends’ need tiding up in your business or life?  When will you get on with it?

  1. But you have heartburn an hour later. Yum Brands (China), that operates the KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell fast food chains is China’s biggest restaurant company.  
  2. Things we don’t think about. When Willis Carrier invented air conditioning in the early 1900s he made possible the development of areas with hot climates from the southern USA to Singapore to Africa to the Middle East…but the energy bills are huge.  For example, in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, air conditioners account for 70% of the electricity demand during peak hours.     

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