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  1. How would you handle a 97% service delivery failure? Toronto police have announced that 97% of home alarm activations are false alarms…so they will no longer respond to any home alarm activation without a personal confirmation from the homeowner that a crime is being committed.     
    One high-end Alarm Service Provider has already come up with a solution.  They have their own response team patrolling the residential areas where their customers are located.  These responders quickly go to the location of an alarm activation, notify police if a crime is being committed, or reset the alarm if it’s a false alarm.  Cost is $3,000 per year.   
  1. Who makes the most trains? The world’s largest train manufacturer is China’s CRRC with annual sales of $38 billion and 180,000 employees.  They produce locomotives, freight and passenger cars and urban rail transit cars.
  2. Canada’s diary battle with Mr. Trump. Trump is incensed by Canada’s assistance to its dairy industry through a ‘supply management’ system. But the US subsidizes its farmers to the tune of $20 billion a year in direct farm payments. In fact, every country subsidizes its farmers in some way.  Farm subsidies in the EU amount to $58 billion (US) a year, which is 38% of the entire EU budget.
    In the UK, government subsidies make up about 65% of total farm income.  Without these subsidies it’s estimated that 42% of all UK farms would quickly go bankrupt.     
  1. The importance of getting things done. On January 10th, 1946 the British Cabinet approved plans to build a 3rd runway at Heathrow Airport, west of London.  That runway has still not been built…72 years later.  In the meantime, China is in the middle of a program to build 66 complete new airports, from scratch, in 5 years.
    Do you get things done in your business…or do things grind to a halt?  Decide, implement, follow up. That’s it.  I’ve said for years that businesses don’t die from a single shot to the head.  They die, slowly but surely, from a thousand uncompleted tasks. Don’t be one of those.

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