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  1. Alexa, mow my lawn. Stockholm-based Husqvarna has launched voice-powered Alexa integration with its robotic lawnmower.  Similar to how a Roomba vacuum cleans floors, Husqvarna’s Automower maps your lawn and traverses it automatically, with the ability to start, stop or schedule a mowing through a mobile app.
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  2. Short but powerful marketing advice:  When marketing to consumers, it will be helpful to appeal to their 3 ancient and basic desires….
    –  To survive…food, shelter, health and safety.

    –  To love, be loved and be respected.

    –  To reproduce.

  3. Solar power progress in South Australia.  The new 4 sq. mile Aurora Solar Energy Project will generate enough electricity to power 35% of the homes in South Australia, day and night. 

    10,000 large tracking mirrors, called heliostats, will collect and concentrate the sun’s rays onto a large heat exchanger where molten salt will absorb the heat energy. The hot molten salt is then used to turn water into steam…and the steam drives the generators that create electricity.

  4. North America’s most valuable companies. Of the top 10 companies on the New York Stock Exchange, ranked by market value, only 2 of them were on that list 10 years ago…Exon and Bank of America.

    Walmart was #1 on the list 10 years ago…and now it’s not in the top 10 at all.  Apple is now #1 by market value…and it wasn’t even on the list 10 years ago.  

    The current top 5 are all technology companies and none of them were on the list 10 years ago. Just another example of how everything is changing. 

  5. A reality Check… why employees quit. According to a recent survey by the Sloan Biz School at MIT, employees leave because of:

      toxic or incompetent bosses.

     job wasn’t enjoyable.

      their strengths weren’t being used.

      they weren’t growing their career.

How might these insights help you to improve employee engagement and retention?  What needs improving in your business culture or management style?

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