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  1. More than 50,000 art thefts occur every year. At $6 billion a year, the theft and trafficking of looted artworks is the fourth most profitable illegal enterprise after money laundering, drug dealing and arms trading. Works are recovered in only 15 percent of cases.
  2. If you’re a family business, sign up for Wayne Rivers free weekly video Blog. Wayne Rivers, the head of ‘The Family Business Institute’ in Raleigh, North Carolina is a very sharp and really good guy.  His insights into how to create a successful multi-generational family business are clear, simple and effective.
    His free weekly video Blog is invaluable.  You can sign up at wrivers@familybusinessinstitute.com.  There’s nothing in this for me.  Wayne doesn’t even know I’m recommending him. 
  1. Let the light in. A study by The University of Oregon has discovered that when people have exposure to natural light with outside views, this results in about 6 percent fewer sick days versus those without the light and windows.  That’s 15 fewer sick days per year.
  2. Tired of all those airline fees?  Do you feel that airlines are gouging you with tons of extra fees?  Well, they are.  The world’s 10 biggest airlines collected more than $28 billion in revenue from extra fees and services in 2017.  This is up from just $2 billion a decade ago.  OUCH!
  3. 3-D Printer update:

–   Michelin is working on a 3-D printed tire and rim combo made of organic material that is biodegradable and recyclable.  

–   Arizona-based Local Motors is producing 3-D printed electric cars.  

–   Truck manufacturer, Freightliner, has installed 3-D printers in each of their dealerships to print parts on demand.

–   Chinese builder, Zhuoda Group, has built a 5,400 sq. ft (500 sq. metre) villa by 3-D printing modules in their factory and then assembling them, on-site, in just 3 days.  Dubai has committed   Dubai has committed to print a quarter of all its buildings by 2030.

  1. Technology is changing everything. A Canadian company now uses satellite images to quickly prepare roof repair quotes.  All they need is the address.
    A Quebec company that designs and installs plastic hose sap collection systems in maple forests uses satellite imaging to pre-design the systems and create a complete list of all parts needed so that their installation time in the bush is cut in half.

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