Item #1:  China is making a come-back.  China is expected to become the world’s largest economy by the year 2030. But what few people realize is that China was the world’s largest economy once before …way back in the year 1820 during the Qing Dynasty.  

Item #2:  The importance of small business.   About 40% of Canadians work for small businesses with fewer than 100 employees.  And yet, our federal and provincial Governments keep making it more and more complicated and difficult for entrepreneurs to navigate the paperwork and regulations of starting and growing a business.   

Item #3:  Sometimes who we are is surprising.  To view a wonderful short video that explores and celebrates who we are as human beings, click here. 

Item #4:  The future is now.  The world’s 1st driverless taxis hit the streets of Singapore in September.  Domino’s will start delivering pizza by drone in New Zealand in December.  How is technology changing your industry…and are you taking the lead?

Item #5:  A recent survey shows that 33% of Canadian employees are ‘disengaged’.  So, what’s that number look like in your business and what’s it costing you in lost customers, lost efficiency and lower profits? 

By the way, don’t mistake low staff turnover for high engagement or high high-performance.  Low staff turnover does not necessarily mean that your employees are ‘engaged’ and productive.  It may mean that you’re not measuring performance…and not dealing with non-performance.  It may mean that “The animals are running the zoo”, they like it that way, way, and have no intention of leaving…ever.

Item #6:  The size of the average home in Hong Kong. The average home in Canada is 2,100 sq. ft. (195 sq. meters).  The average home in Hong Kong is only 500 sq. ft. (46.5 sq. meters). And that’s the ‘average’ so, clearly many homes are much smaller than that.

Item #7:  A great quote from Bill Marvin, ‘The Restaurant Doctor’.  “Remember, your job is not to run the joint…it’s to teach your staff how to run the joint.”  This applies to any business, or department within a business. So, how will you change your management style in 2017 to teach your staff how to run the joint?

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