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(Time to read this Blog article is about 60 seconds) As a business speaker and coach I spend over 100 nights a year in hotels and resorts around the world.  And, I often speak and coach in the tourism industry.  So, I understand the Hospitality business pretty well. Last month I checked into the Hyatt […]

(Time to read this Blog article is about 1 minute)   When you’re interviewing candidates for any position in your business or department, the truth is that the candidates are also interviewing you…especially the top performers.  They’re good, they know they’re good and they know that they have options. Below are five of the questions […]

(Time to read this Blog section about 60 seconds)   There’s no ‘word-of-mouth’ without something to talk about.  It has been said for years that ‘word-of-mouth’ is the most effective marketing for any business and, with the power of social media, that’s even more true today.      But here’s the thing.  There’s no ‘word-of-mouth’ […]

(Time to read this Blog article is about 30 seconds)   When it came to his attention that there had been an increase in work-related injuries at his company, here’s the response from Elon Musk, the brilliant CEO of Tesla electric cars… “No words can express how much I care about your safety and wellbeing. […]


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