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We’re not just talking about cultural or ethnic diversity; we’re talking about diversity of thought and perspective.  If you surround yourself with people who look, think and act like you do, this doesn’t unleash your creativity, it narrows your view and limits your possibilities.  Innovation feeds on multiple points of view.

It takes guts to surround yourself with diverse ‘others’.  They’re often eccentric, weird and difficult to manage.  But they’re the ones who will draw you out of your comfort zone and take you on an adventure where you can find the next ‘big thing’. They will keep it interesting and lively. 

Do you always need to be right or in control, or have you created a culture that encourages what I call ‘respectful debate’?  Do you seek out and encourage diverse perspectives?  Do your employees feel confident in speaking out and sharing their thoughts?  If not, the really good ones will leave in frustration and the weak ones will stay and keep their mouths shut.

How could you encourage more diversity and innovation in your business or department?

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