First, most businesses should have a Customer Database, so that they can deliver important and helpful information on a regular basis. Next, most businesses should have a Media Database so that they can communicate the same important and valuable information to media folks in their target market area who write or broadcast on the subject of what you sell.

But remember, to get the media interested in talking about you, or interviewing you, you have to know stuff that people need to know…or you have to be doing extraordinary things that people are interested in.

As award-winning and extraordinary retailers of ladies fashions some years ago, we got over 130 major media exposures in just three years by, first being a story…and then, contacting the media and telling our story. How could this work for you?

PS: Who was the very first business to create a customer database? It was Santa Claus. According to the Christmas song that we sang as kids, 50 years ago, “He’s making a list and checking it twice, to find out who’s been naughty or nice.” Santa had a customer database 50 years ago. What’s holding you back?

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