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(Time to read this Blog article is about 90 seconds) Greetings fellow ‘quarantiners’.  Hope you’re still safe and sane.  Before we get to the ‘advertised’ topic of this week’s Blog, here’s a thought about the dozens of emails that you’re probably getting from businesses reaching out to tell us whether they’re open or closed, how […]

(Time to read this important Blog article is about 3 minutes) As I write this Blog, thousands of businesses are shutting down for a month or more. Hundreds of thousands of events, schools, vacations, gatherings and regular business hours are being cancelled. But, if we commit to being our ‘best selves’ throughout this mess, relationships […]

(Time to read this article is about 90 seconds) One of the biggest problems in many businesses today is that ‘the boss’ won’t delegate. This ‘boss’ could be the business owner, a department manager or a supervisor. The result is that things don’t get done, problems don’t get solved, opportunities get missed, customers get frustrated […]

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