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My most asked-for business session, whether as a keynote or interactive workshop is, Accelerate your business…how to sell more, manage smarter, grow your bottom line…and have a life! 

The “have a life” part is a real challenge for many business owners and managers. I often ask clients, “Does your business model serve your life model?” and the answer, sadly, is usually an immediate, “No, not by a long shot”.   So here, below, are my 10 simple tips for having a more extraordinary life.  I created this list for a client whose personal life was in big trouble.  They worked for him…and they may be helpful to you.  

  1. Book time for yourself and family as you would for any other important customer.  We have customers at home too!
  2. Create family traditions…they’re the ‘glue’ that hold families together. Without the ‘glue’ of traditions, families come unstuck.
  3. Hug more.  They’re free, low calorie and returnable.
  4. Hang out with positive, talented people.  Get rid of the toxic people in your life.  
  5. Treat yourself.  Small, affordable treats can make a big difference. For example, buy the best bed linens and biggest bath towels you can find…and every night will be like sleeping at the Four Seasons.
  6. Live with great design. Great design uplifts and inspires us.  Bad design stresses and depresses us. Great design doesn’t have to be expensive.  By any kitchen gadget by OXO.  Great design for just 12 bucks.  
  7. Use the alphabet to trigger new experiences.  Be alive…be adventurous.  Every month set a budget and commit to doing something that you’ve never done before that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.  Start with picking Apples or trying an Australian wine or going to Al’s dinner, or A Next month try Brie Cheese, Burgundy wine, or go to Boston.  You get the idea…start with A, work through the alphabet till you go to the Zoo, or adopt a Zebra …then go back to A again.
  8. Give back…volunteer…practice random acts of kindness. When we make even a small difference in the lives of others, we make a difference in our life too.
  9. Travel…explore, expand your mind and enlarge your circle of friends. Get the book “A 1000 Places to See Before You Die.”   Pick a page…and go there.  Then pick another page.
  10. All those things you’re saving for special occasions…get them out and use them now!  ‘Life’ is a special occasion!

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