One of the biggest problems in most businesses today is the failure to deal with non-performance.  They’re wasting good money on non-performers or downright toxic employees…and it’s killing them. 

e1ca79247bcab58cc13130c6b6ea9b62So, here’s a simple approach to dealing with this important problem. Everyone on your team is either part of your value or part of your problem.  Make a list of everyone who is part of your problem.  Each of those people falls into one of two categories…rescuable or not rescuable. 

For those who are rescuable…rescue them.  Perhaps they’re good people in the wrong job.  Fix it.  Perhaps they haven’t been trained properly.  Fix it.  Perhaps they’re under-paid or under-appreciated and have become discouraged.  Fix it.  Whatever is preventing them from being a top-performer…fix it.

Then, there are the folks on your list who are not rescuable. Invite them to make an alternate career decision; but be smart about it.  Sit down with each of them and tell them, in a nice way, exactly what it is about their performance, attitude or behavior that is not acceptable and what ‘acceptable’ looks like.  Ask them by when they can make the required changes. 

Some of them will quit right then and there.  This is good.  They leave with their dignity and no more of your money.  Some of them will tell you that they can make the necessary improvements. Get a specific time commitment and have them sign it.  Then, follow up.  If they haven’t done what they said they would do, now is the time to invite them to find an employer with whom they are a better fit. 

So what will you do, starting right now, to deal more effectively with non-performance in your business?  

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