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Whatever business you’re in, your customers are confused, stressed and running out of time.  Trust me.  They need clarity and they need help to wisely choose and effectively use what you sell.  They need you to be their ‘Caring Coach’.  To do this you need the knowledge, the caring and the commitment to be proactive.

Here’s an example. The parking level stairwells in our Condo building were recently redone.  A flooring contractor was hired to replace the aging grey rubber stair treads with new black ones.  I don’t know who chose black, but it was a big mistake.  Many people think black is great because it won’t show the dirt.  Wrong!  In fact, black shows every bit of dirt.  Grey was the right colour.

Who should have known this?  Our Condo Manager, our Board of Directors?  They’re not the experts on this stuff.  The flooring contractor should have been the ‘Caring Coach’ and spoken up.  He’s supposed to be the expert.  It’s his job to know.  Now we’re stuck with stairs that look perpetually dirty and our cleaning bill will double.       

So, what are your target customers confused and stressed about?  What don’t they know …and how can you differentiate yourself by figuring that out and proactively ‘coaching’ them to make wise choices?   Make a list of all the help and coaching they need and commit to taking action.  When will you start?

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