While getting my hair cut recently, I was verbally bombarded by the stylist as she went on and on about what a toxic place this was to work and how the boss just won’t listen. I hear the same stuff on a regular basis from just about every Air Canada employee that I encounter.

So, here’s what I’ve figured out. If you don’t listen to your staff, your customers will have to…and it won’t be pretty. When we listen to our staff two wonderful things happen. First, we learn from them…and, second, we honour them. However, when we do not listen to our staff, two things also happen. We do not learn from them and we dishonour them.

So, are you really listening to your team? They know most of what’s wrong with the business…and how to fix it. Listening should be a regular every-day event but you can also create special “Idea Fests” a few times a year to get their ideas on what needs fixing and how to fix it. Remember, if you don’t listen to your staff, your customers will have to.

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