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Research shows that one of the main reasons employees stop trying in any job is they believe that what they do or how well they do isn’t important or doesn’t make a difference. 

Here are 5 things you can do to let everyone on your Team know that their job matters… 

  1. Make sure that every person on your Team knows how what they do affects your customer’s lives (directly or indirectly), customer retention, operational efficiency, employee or customer safety, the environment, your community, the bottom line, your survival and their job?
  2. Constantly train and coach each person on your team to do their job efficiently and effectively. When we don’t train and coach effectively we’re communicating that what they do and how well they do it isn’t all that important.  And, if it’s not important to us…why should it be important to them?
  3. Ask for their ideas, listen to them and take action. When we don’t ask, don’t listen and don’t take action, we communicate clearly that they and their job are not important.  
  4. Express genuine gratitude for the job they do. ? ‘Thank’ them sincerely and frequently, individually and collectively?  If they get ‘thanked’ every day, how could they ever believe that their job is not important?
  5. Share results and success stories with them so they can see and feel the difference they make. Reward and celebrate achievement regularly and often.

So, using these five insights above, what will you do, starting right now, to make sure that everyone on your Team knows that their job, and how well they do it, is important?   

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