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‘Caring Coach’ is a term that I made up years ago for any business that helps customers to wisely choose and effectively use the products or services they sell.  In these days when people are faced with so many choices, options and so much confusion, we need Caring Coaches that we can trust to help us do what’s best for us in every part of our lives.

L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetic company, now uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to help online customers find and effectively use the right skincare product:

With such a wide range of products on the market claiming to reduce signs of skin aging, it can be a challenge to know which product is right for you. L’Oréal has created a new tool that helps consumers narrow down the choice.

Launched under the company’s Vichy anti-aging skincare brand, ‘SkinConsult’ AI allows users to upload a close-up selfie to the website, which then analyzes it for seven signs of aging. The algorithm then recommends products and a routine to help address those aging signs, as well as ones it predicts may show up in the future.

Hair Salons use Virtual Imaging to show clients what a particular style will look on them.  Paint stores use similar visualization technology to help customers see what their rooms will look like in different paint colors. Simply upload a picture of your room into the system and electronically ‘paint’ the walls and trim in a variety of colours to see the results.

Dr. Scholl’s used technology to develop an in-store ‘foot mapping’ kiosk that helps customers find the right orthidic product to support their feet and improve comfort and mobility.

An office supplies distributor offers clients a free software package that helps control office supply inventory and expense. 

In-store and online Virtual Change Rooms allow customers to ‘try on’ outfits to see how they look without the bother of undressing and re-dressing several times.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or service provider, what are your customers confused, stressed or concerned about and how could you use technology to coach them to more wisely choose and effectively use what you sell?  With technology changing so rapidly, this should be an ongoing project for someone.  So, who will take this on in your business…and when will they start?

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