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Employee engagement is a hot topic these days…and it should be.  Here’s more evidence that low employee engagement is a huge business problem.  A recent survey by Emolument.com shows that 74% of US employees are bored.  Interestingly, the highest % of bored employees, at 81%, was in the legal profession.  One of the lowest rates of employee boredom, at 45%, is for those involved in R&D.  

The opposite of ‘boredom’ is excitement and passion.  Many jobs are, by definition, repetitive and boring.  It’s your business culture that makes the job interesting, interesting and engaging.  What are you doing to create a culture of passion, purpose, commitment, excitement and engagement in your business?   Does everyone on your team know where the business is going, what you’re doing to get there, what makes you special, why their job is important, what’s working and what’s not …and what you stand for?  If they don’t, they’re most likely just showing up for a pay check.

Then, have you created a culture of acknowledgment and celebration?  Do you look for any reason to ‘thank’, celebrate and have a giggle?   If this all sounds like silly, useless psycho crap to you, you’re probably shouldn’t be running anything or managing anybody.  As a business owner, leader or manager, you are the source of passion, energy and joy in your business…or your part of it.  If the lights are out on the front porch of life for you, it’s unlikely that you’ll brighten the way for your team.  If you’re burnt out…you’ll burn others out…or they’ll leave.

I’d love to hear from you about what you’ve done in your business to make repetitive work more interesting and engaging for your team.  I’ll share the results.  Email me at donald@donaldcooper.com  

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