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Something’s preventing them.  So, what might it be, and what can you do to fix that?   Below is a check-list of 8 things that could be preventing some of your target customers from buying from you.  Set aside one hour, get a few of your staff to work with you on this, think like a customer and be honest with yourselves.  Put an X beside each one that might apply to your business.

Cooper’s list of 8 ‘preventors’:

  1. Some of our target customers don’t even know that we, or what we sell, exists…or they can’t find us.
  2. They think they don’t need what we sell.
  3. Our business name is vague or confusing, so they’re not even sure what we sell.
  4. They don’t understand all of our value, so they think we’re not competitive.
  5. They’ve forgotten about us.
  6. Some fear, doubt or negative assumption about us, or about themselves is ‘preventing’ them from buying what we sell…or buying it specifically from us.
  7. They’ve heard bad things about us, or about what we sell. If these ‘bad things’ are not true, we need to communicate the truth.  If these ‘bad things’ are true, we need to fix them quickly…and then communicate the new truth.  Keep in mind that rebuilding brand trust is difficult, time consuming and expensive.  It’s far better not to screw up your brand in the first place.
  8. We’ve disappointed or ignored them…or someone like us has disappointed or ignored them, and they think we’re all alike.

Now that you have a better idea of what might be preventing some of your target customers from buying from you, what specific and effective action will you take to correct each one?   Just think of the huge difference it will make to your sales and your bottom line if there was nothing ‘preventing’ your target customers from buying from you.

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