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Everything we do communicates whether we’re up-to-date or behind-the-times.  While checking out a client’s website this week, under the “Events’ tab I found listed 3 events from 2014, 2 from 2015…and nothing since.  What this communicates is that nothing exciting has happened in this business for the past two years.

On March 2nd,  a restaurant in Campbell River, BC had a sign in the window telling me about an important community event that took place back on January 28th.

Last November, Rocco’s Restaurant in Toronto still had a huge sign out by the road advising us to ‘Book Now For Father’s Day’.  When I walked into the restaurant the Host asked how he could help me.  I said that I was here to book for Father’s Day.  He looked at me like I had two heads.        

My local Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada’s largest pharmacy chain) is still handing out brochures on Diabetes stating that by 2010 as many as 3 million Canadians will have diabetes.  WOW, this is 2017, so the info is at least 7 years out of date.       

Take a look at every part of your business and all of your customer communications.  Do you look like you’re paying attention and still give a damn…or do you look out of date and behind-the-times in any way?   What needs fixing…and when will you fix it?

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