Websites play a larger and larger role in growing our business. But how do you make that important personal connection with folks through a computer screen? There are two things you can do.

First, your website needs to “talk” with customers in a human, personal and interesting way. Be real. A wonderful example of real conversation is the website for Jenette Bras in Los Angeles ( Jenette’s niche market is big-busted ladies…who she refers to as “the overdeveloped and underserved”.

Jenette Goldstein, the middle-aged proprietor of this store, writes on her website…
We are the gals who skipped the training bra and went straight to the big leagues. We have drawn whistles from men since the age of twelve. We have done foolish things like hitchhiking and dating musicians, but we have never, ever, worn a halter top.”

Jenette talks in a very real way about the challenges of being a big busted lady and how she finally opened her own bra store because she couldn’t get the product or service she wanted elsewhere. She makes a wonderful personal connection with her target customers. By the way, she also has a brilliant positioning statement, “Jenette Bras…where the alphabet starts at D.” Very clever.

The 2nd way to effectively make a strong human connection is through a “Meet our team” section on your website. The benchmark for making this kind of connection is the website for Pizza Today Magazine. (

Check it out. Click on the “About Us” tab, go to the “Meet the Staff” pages and click on any of the staff names to see how Pizza Today introduces their team. Each key person’s page includes a photo, their contact information, and a little bit about them as people, including their favourite pizza, book, TV show, movie, etc. There’s nothing intrusive or weird here…just the kind of stuff that makes doing business a lot more personal and fun.

So, what will you commit to do to make your website more connective, more human, more real…and more effective in building relationships and driving sales?

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