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I spend hours every week studying clients’ websites looking for a clear statement of compelling value that will ‘grab’ their target customers, clearly differentiate them from their competitors, make them ‘famous’ and grow their bottom line. But, mostly, what I find are weak and wishy-washy statements and half-baked promises.  Sorry, but that’s the what I see. 

Mostly what I find is, “We aim to do this’ and ‘We aim to do that.’   Everyone’s ‘aiming’ to do something…and no one is ‘committing’ to do anything.  The other one that I see a lot is, “Here at XYZ company, our ‘goal’ is to do this or that.”  One of our clients states on their website, “We strive to be ethical.”  What the heck is that?  ‘Ethical’ is like pregnant …you is or you ain’t.

Nobody cares what you aim to do, or strive to do.  They want to know what you commit to do. So, from this day on, please stop talking about ‘goals, targets, aims and objectives’. Talk about ‘commitments’.  When we change our language, we change or culture. We become what we speak.

Check out your website and all your marketing materials.  Replace all the ‘aim’, ‘strive’ and ‘it’s our goal to’ stuff with the simple words, “We commit to…”   Create clear, compelling, no BS commitments that will ‘grab’ your target customers, clearly differentiate you from your competitors and grow your bottom line.  Then, deliver on those commitments to every customer, every time.  Mediocrity is no longer an option.

Get everyone on your team involved in creating these clear commitments and get them excited about delivering them.  Create urgency and accountability. Anyone who can’t or won’t get with the program needs to be working someplace else.         

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